Amazon Digital Publication Offers Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing Services @ 25% Off Connect On Chat Or Signup today To Avail It

Amazon Digital Publication Offers Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing Services @ 25% Off Connect On Chat Or Signup today To Avail It

Beautiful Custom Book Cover Design Available

You need a book cover that makes people want to pick your book again and again. Because, after all, to be heard, you have to be seen first. The very first action your readers take is to pick your book and see its design. If its catches their eyes, they decide to buy it. Thus, when designing your book’s cover, our award-winning designers create attention-grabbing visuals that engage the readers’ senses even before they read your book.

Dust Jacket

Fine quality dust jacket covers to protect the original printing inside from getting dusty or torn. We ensure to create the cover similar to your original book cover

Hard Cover

Perfectly durable and strongly bind hard cover for your book to keep its pages protected and safe from being damaged.

Paper Back

Flexible and smooth paper back covers to keep the book light-weighted and easy to carry. Paper back covers are the best options when your cover is highly contrasting.

Our Products

Print Book

Engaging and clear printing of your customized book cover.

Photo Book

Stunning photo book covers to keep your memories safe and protected.

Comic Book

Colorful and eye-catching design to draw in comic readers.


Trendy and fashionable cover design to get your audience’s attention.


Compilation of your academic achievements with an eye-catching layout.


Creative and high-quality e-book cover design for maximum impression.

Article Writing

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Audio Book

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Author Website

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Book Cover

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Blog Writing

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Book Promotion

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Book Video Trailer

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E-Book Writing

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Ghost Writing

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Proof Reading

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Book Cover Sizes

Pocket Book

4.25 x 6.875 in | 108 x 175 mm

It is an excellent choice for fiction, reference materials, and poetry books.


5.5 x 8.5 in | 140 x 216 mm

The digest trade size is a popular choice for fiction and nonfiction books because it’s more compact than the standard commercial size.


5.83 x 8.27 in | 148 x 210 mm

Paperbacks and hardcovers for foreign trade are the exact sizes. Slightly smaller in comparison to US trade volume.

US Trade

6 x 9 in | 152 x 229 mm

The most common size for commercial paperbacks and hardcovers, ideal for a wide range of book designs but most commonly found in fiction.


6.14 x 9.21 in | 156 x 234 mm

The Royal trade is slightly larger than the US commerce and is suitable for fiction and nonfiction.

Comic Book

6.63 x 10.25 in | 168 x 260 mm

Standard size.


7 x 10 in | 178 x 254 mm

Executive size is widely used for journals and comic books between US letters and US trade.

Crown Quarto

7.44 x 9.68 in | 189 x 246 mm

This format is ideal for books printed in two columns since it has a more extensive page than US trade.

Small Square

7.5 x 7.5 in | 190 x 190 mm

A small square is ideal for books with many images, such as trip guides, picture books, or scrapbooks.


8.27 x 11.69 in | 210 x 297 mm

Many publications, including magazines and catalogs, use the A4 paper size as their norm.

US Letter

8.5 x 11 in | 216 x 279 mm

The US letter is an excellent choice for books with many images because it is large enough to be used for manuals and other monumental works.


8.5 x 8.5 in 216 x 216 mm

The ideal format is square to accommodate photographs with full bleed, which may be formatted in either landscape or portrait orientations.

Small Landscape

9 x 7 in | 229 x 178 mm

Photo books and product guides emphasizing photographs and photos benefit significantly from a miniature landscape.

US Letter Landscape

11 x 8.5 in | 279 x 216 mm

The landscape format of US letter size is ideal for children’s books or photo books.

A4 Landscape

11.69 x 8.27 in | 297 x 210 mm

The A4 landscape format is widely used for photo and art publications worldwide.

Book Bindings

Paperback Perfect Bound

32-800 pages

Traditional paperback binding is known as “perfect bound,” It is the most cost-effective and widely used method of binding on-demand publications.

Paperback Coil Bound

2–470 pages

When the book is open, a flexible black plastic coil allows it to lie flat. A great source for music books, agendas, notebooks, and any other project meant for display.

Paperback Saddle Stitch

4-48 pages

Folded sheets are put between the cover and “spine” edge and stapled together. Smaller publications like coloring books, comic books, and comic strips and magazines are well-suited to use saddle stitch binding.

Hardcover Casewrap

24-800 pages

The image of the cover is printed on the surface of a traditional hardcover book. Textbooks and hardback portfolios are familiar places to see case wrap binding.

Hardcover Linen Wrap

24-800 pages

We print the cover image directly onto the book’s hardback cover. This type of binding is often used for textbooks and hardcover portfolios.

The Perfect Solution To Your Book Writing Editing And Publishing Problems!

Do you have an interesting story that you wish to convert in a book? We have a team of award-winning book book writers who can bring your ideas into reality.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in quality over quantity and for such reason, we ensure to fulfill the following commitments towards our clients;

Simple Process

Our letterhead design service is straightforward. We’ll put together a few different options and email them to you so you can decide. We’ll ask you for clarification if necessary, and that’s all there to it.

Fast Outcome

Your order will arrive quickly. To meet your deadlines, our artists will be available to cater to your needs. They employ a precise procedure that is guaranteed to yield speedy results.

Gorgeous Designs

Our book cover designers are constantly competing for uniqueness and flair. They use their expertise to create a design that complements your book’s primary subject matter.

Fine Precision

All criteria will be met with the utmost precision, and we’ll do our best to establish parameters that strictly adhere to industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide you with multiple options and improve our designs based on your preferences. Any changes requested will be catered by our designers immediately.


Poor quality and late delivery of services is something that puts customers off, and we would never want to let our customers down. We always deliver on time and with consistency!

With 12+ Years of Experience & 1500+ Successful Books Our Global Clientele Always Shower Us With Love.

Amazon Digital Publication is the best spot to look for a ghostwriter to get your story written! They helped me complete my book in a short amount of time. It was a pleasant surprise and a job well done, as if the book writer could decipher what I was thinking all along. I am highly delighted with their services!

Margaret Christine Parsons

'Amazon Digital Publication assigned a dedicated team for me, handed me a written strategy, and we had eight short stories published and promoted. Looking forward to hiring them for the next series'

Matthew Wilkinson

I appreciate and love Frank's ability to recognize my needs, improve the quality of my work, and have the willingness to work his magic on my book. My book would not have been published if it hadn't been for Frank. Thank you to him and this company for realizing my ambition.'

Jen Malone

‘I think my editor was very competent and gave excellent service. She provided me with suggestions about how I could improve it. What I liked best about her was that she seemed to believe in my notion.’

Adam P.Frankel

‘I discovered Amazon Digital Publication when seeking for a professional book writing service to enhance my existing work. The project manager collaborated with me to develop a first-rate final document that can now be published. Thank you very much once again.’

Chanel Cleeton

‘I discovered Amazon Digital Publication on the internet. I'd written a narrative about a horrible event in the lives of my young granddaughter. She had to have one eye removed when she was 15 months old due to a malignant growth linked to it. I wanted a written record for her when she grew older because she would have no recollection of the procedure. I merely wanted the narrative turned into a book and a few copies produced to gift to her and her parents, as well as a copy for myself. I contacted them, and they were quite supportive and helpful after I informed them about my idea. I had no reservations about working with this firm. And when they learned about my tale, they were enthralled. They are really quick to respond and assist me. I would highly suggest them to anyone seeking for a book publisher. I absolutely adore the book.’

Blake Crouch

‘Amazon Digital Publication performed an outstanding job marketing and promoting my book. They followed all of their commitments and were transparent about all of their procedures. I'm overjoyed’

Matthew Feller

‘For the price, this is an excellent product. I was first concerned about picking someone entirely online, but they set my mind at rest by providing high-quality items and fulfilling all of their promises.’

Karren Rose

‘They did as instructed. Excellent book review. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.’


This is how our goal oriented approach looks like.

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  2. Discuss Your Project

    Share your project details and discuss all the project requirements in detail.

  3. Research & Outline

    Our writers will create an outline to plan out your book

  4. Draft & Approval

    After outline approval, our writers conduct extensive research to write the chapters and deliver to you for review.

  5. Publishing & Marketing

    Your book gets published in the desired format. If you like, we can share a strategic market plan that helps you reach your target audience.

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