Amazon Digital Publication Offers Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing Services @ 25% Off Connect On Chat Or Signup today To Avail It

Amazon Digital Publication Offers Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing Services @ 25% Off Connect On Chat Or Signup today To Avail It

Book Marketing Services

Your marketing strategy will undoubtedly include creative promotion to get your content in front of as many people as possible. Instead of abandoning your eBook when it is published on your website, we will help you promote it on various platforms. There are various marketing strategies that can be used to market a book. Among them, the most important ones are:

  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Face-to-face meetings

On social media and in focused email campaigns, eBooks are a perfect middle-of-the-funnel inbound marketing tool. We’ll help you advertise your eBook on all of the leading social media platforms and develop promotional email campaigns targeting the people most likely to buy your amazing book.

Our blog entries will also include links to the eBook or unique CTAs to encourage readers to sign up for our newsletter.

eBooks are a great supplement to a sales pitch, but they’re also excellent sales enablement tools. Your sales representatives can hand them out to potential customers as an eye-catching, valuable marketing tool.

In addition to generating more leads, Amazon Digital Publication promotion services can assist your brand in moving prospects farther down the sales funnel.

  • Award Winning book writers capable of writing on a diverse range of topics.
  • Result driven and engaging promotional marketing materials.
  • Offering complete assistance to our clients by offering a hassle-free distribution services for their books.
  • We post creative book video trailers to create a digital hype about your upcoming book.
  • We research and promote your book to targeted media publications generating publicity opportunities.
  • Our experienced marketers ensure to run a responsive and profitable campaign.
  • We offer quality services in the most feasible price to ensure that the expense stays within your budget.

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Print and publish your way with Amazon Digital Publication tools for distribution, ecommerce, and global fulfillment

We have converted 1000s
of eBooks since 2013

Perfectly formatted books that were accepted instantly by the publishing platforms

Our ebooks are compatible with every smart device

Our customers have witnessed prominent sales and profit

Unlimited edits have been catered as per the client’s instructions

Free amazingly designed ebook covers with stock images and your name

Every book is delivered on-time.

Process We Follow

01. Simple Process of Book Marketing

When you’re in need of a capable marketing campaign and strategy, look no further than Amazon Digital Publication. Our process is simple and market-effective, ensuring you get the maximum number of sales through us.

02. Extensive Network

At Amazon Digital Publication, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of contacts. After getting to know you and your work, we have a long list of people who would be interested in getting in touch with you. We have people from all types of industries, from bloggers and podcasters to journalists and editors in traditional media. Using those connections, we help with marketing and promotions.

03. Customized Approach

Every project is approached differently, depending on the specific requirements of the client and the subject matter at hand. We’re known for providing the best possible content ideas and resources, including people who will interview you.

04. Effective Strategies

We can help your book go from unknown to blockbuster by using eBook marketing techniques and book promotion services. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

05. ISBN, Publishing,& Distribution

If you request a print version of your ebook, we ensure to deliver it with an ISBN code to ensure that the book is scheduled for publishing as per the requirements of the client.

With 12+ Years of Experience & 1500+ Successful Books Our Global Clientele Always Shower Us With Love.

Amazon Digital Publication is the best spot to look for a ghostwriter to get your story written! They helped me complete my book in a short amount of time. It was a pleasant surprise and a job well done, as if the book writer could decipher what I was thinking all along. I am highly delighted with their services!

Margaret Christine Parsons

'Amazon Digital Publication assigned a dedicated team for me, handed me a written strategy, and we had eight short stories published and promoted. Looking forward to hiring them for the next series'

Matthew Wilkinson

I appreciate and love Frank's ability to recognize my needs, improve the quality of my work, and have the willingness to work his magic on my book. My book would not have been published if it hadn't been for Frank. Thank you to him and this company for realizing my ambition.'

Jen Malone

‘I think my editor was very competent and gave excellent service. She provided me with suggestions about how I could improve it. What I liked best about her was that she seemed to believe in my notion.’

Adam P.Frankel

‘I discovered Amazon Digital Publication when seeking for a professional book writing service to enhance my existing work. The project manager collaborated with me to develop a first-rate final document that can now be published. Thank you very much once again.’

Chanel Cleeton

‘I discovered Amazon Digital Publication on the internet. I'd written a narrative about a horrible event in the lives of my young granddaughter. She had to have one eye removed when she was 15 months old due to a malignant growth linked to it. I wanted a written record for her when she grew older because she would have no recollection of the procedure. I merely wanted the narrative turned into a book and a few copies produced to gift to her and her parents, as well as a copy for myself. I contacted them, and they were quite supportive and helpful after I informed them about my idea. I had no reservations about working with this firm. And when they learned about my tale, they were enthralled. They are really quick to respond and assist me. I would highly suggest them to anyone seeking for a book publisher. I absolutely adore the book.’

Blake Crouch

‘Amazon Digital Publication performed an outstanding job marketing and promoting my book. They followed all of their commitments and were transparent about all of their procedures. I'm overjoyed’

Matthew Feller

‘For the price, this is an excellent product. I was first concerned about picking someone entirely online, but they set my mind at rest by providing high-quality items and fulfilling all of their promises.’

Karren Rose

‘They did as instructed. Excellent book review. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.’


This is how our goal oriented approach looks like.

  1. Sign Up

    Speak with our customer representative to place your order.

  2. Discuss Your Project

    Share your project details and discuss all the project requirements in detail.

  3. Research & Outline

    Our writers will create an outline to plan out your book

  4. Draft & Approval

    After outline approval, our writers conduct extensive research to write the chapters and deliver to you for review.

  5. Publishing & Marketing

    Your book gets published in the desired format. If you like, we can share a strategic market plan that helps you reach your target audience.

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